Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An American Girl Party

Kaitlyn was so eager for her 9th birthday this year because she chose to have it at the American Girl Store!  If you have never heard of American Girl dolls, consider yourself lucky.  Each doll is from a different decade and there's a different story about her.  You can also get dolls made to look like their owner.  There are about a million outfits and accessories that you can purchase for the doll. AND it's very expensive!  Thankfully, you can find some knock off brands at Michael's and Target and it's much cheaper.  But for the party, we let Kaitlyn go to the real store.

Kaitlyn decided to invite just a few close friends and have lunch at the bistro inside the store.  You can bring your American Girl doll and sit in a special doll high chair at the table next to you.  Kaitlyn did not have an American Girl doll, but knew she could borrow one from the bistro.

Here are just a few of the dolls and accessories.  

Here are some nightgowns for the little girls.

And here is the matching outfit for the doll.

There is also a doll salon inside the store.  Yes, that is actually a person styling the doll's hair.  There's actually a line as people wait for their doll to have her turn.  It's not cheap either.  The doll's have special hair so you have to use their special comb or it gets ratted.  If not, you have to take the doll to the salon.  Well played, American Girl, well played.

After everyone arrived for the party (it was just me and 4 girls), we were escorted to our table where a special gift was waiting for Kaitlyn.

She looked inside the bag and found her very own Julie doll waiting for her.  It was a surprise gift from Craig and I and she was soooo excited and thankful!

I think Kaitlyn didn't stop smiling throughout her party.

Then, it was time to order.  The lunch includes an appetizer and main entree.

We all ordered pink lemonade and even the dolls got their own drinks.  I could not stop laughing as our server kept pouring these teeny, tiny cups of lemonade.

Our appetizers arrived and it was delicious!!!  Half of us got a fruit plate with mini muffins and yogurt dipping sauce.  The other half of us got soft pretzel bites with a honey mustard sauce.

The dolls had to eat too!

Then our entree arrived.  There was a lot of food and well worth the money.  The sweet potato fries were the best!

Of course, it's not a party without a cake.  The party package includes cake and ice cream from the bistro.  It was half chocolate and half vanilla.  The server brought it out on a beautiful cake stand and we all sang to Kaitlyn.

Each girl also got to take home a bag full of goodies!

I loved that all I had to do was pay for the party (and it was well within my budget) and American Girl took care of the rest.  We thought Kaitlyn may be too old for these dolls but we found out girls enjoy them until about 11 or 12 years old.

How did Kaitlyn feel about everything?  I think this picture says it all.

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