Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Birthdays

We celebrated 2 special birthdays in our family this past month.  First, Craig turned another year older.  He actually had his work Christmas party to attend on the night of his bday (we had Mexican food for his bday on another night).  So, we got dressed up, the grandparents came to watch the kids, and we headed out.

It was a formal banquet held at a Marriott in North Dallas.  I didn't really know anybody, but met lots of people and ate some delicious food.

The pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy was the best I've ever had.

Who doesn't love a huge slice of cheesecake?

To Craig's surprise, his associates brought him a huge gift basket with his favorite goodies.  The tag says "Enjoy A Movie Night On Us".  Despicable Me was in the basket with some popcorn and candy.  It was so thoughtful. 

We got home late that evening and Kaitlyn had left a surprise for Craig.  Notice how the chocolate candy cane is half eaten?  I guess she just couldn't resist!

Kaitlyn's birthday fell on a Saturday this year.  It was also the first night of our huge Christmas program at church.  Since she had her birthday party a couple weekends before, it was just going to be a day of small celebrations.  First stop, McDonald's for lunch.

Then, she had a McFlurry for dessert.  It was a special treat since she's usually not allowed to get dessert at McDonald's.

That night was our Christmas Program and she actually had a ballet solo.  I was so proud of her and that she was brave enough to do it!!!  I was the choreographer, but I was not the one that picked her for the solo.  But it did make it easier to work on the dance at home.  Kaitlyn sang with Preston and the other elementary kids as well.  I worked with all of them and was super proud of the job they did.

Afterwards, the Stage Manager surprised Kaitlyn with a huge cupcake cake that she shared with the other ballerinas.  Such a nice treat!

We actually went home to another dozen of cupcakes that I had ordered from my friend, Amy, for Kaitlyn's birthday.  However, we did not eat those until the next night.

Craig also got each of us a dozen roses for all of our work during the program.  He got Preston some candy.  :)

Finally, I was able to bring Kaitlyn her birthday lunch at school on the following Monday.  It felt even more special considering the tragic events that had happened in Connecticut that previous Friday.  We had a great lunch together.

Of course, I brought some food for her brother too.  He was acting so goofy the whole time.

That afternoon, I joined her class for the birthday song and special treats that she brought for everyone.  They make the birthday student stand on a chair in front of the room so they can sing to them.  Kaitlyn was so embarassed.

Since the treats have to be store bought, we just picked up some boxes of Little Debbie's Gingerbread Men and passed them around.

 It's always a little hectic trying to celebrate the two birthdays during the holiday season, but we always find the time.  And we always make it special.

Happy Birthday Craig and Kaitlyn!!!!

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