Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kaitlyn's Birthday Letter

Dear Kaitlyn,
It has been 9 wonderful years since you entered our lives.  God gave us everything we had prayed for when He entrusted you to us.  You were a miracle that we continue to be thankful for.

You have become such an independent person and quickly maturing before our eyes.  You love sharing your artistic side whether it is through art, music, or dance.  Your eagerness to try new things shows that your fearfulness is fading.  We love sharing these adventures with you.

You have become a great example to those around you and willing to share a teaching moment with those that may not know better.  You've handled difficult situations with such grace and dignity and it reveals what a great person you are becoming.

More than anything, you love Jesus.  You are eager to attend church and just absorb all you can.  Seeing you worship Him fills our heart with an unspeakable joy. 

We just love seeing you blossom into such a beautiful young lady, yet it is bittersweet.  Thank you for letting us have a glimpse as to what your future could possibly be like. We are extremely proud of you!

We love you, KK!
Dad, Mom, and Preston

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