Monday, May 23, 2011

The End Of The World

Well, for it being the "End of the World" on Saturday, we had a very busy weekend planned. It was only the end of the world for one person. My cousin got married! Hehe!!!

Saturday afternoon we took a 3 hour drive to Abilene to see my cousing Jeffrey Garcia marry Miranda Dick. It was a 7:30 pm outdoor wedding outside city limits. After arriving at my parents house, we had a quick bite to eat and got ready for the special event.

The wedding was held at the home of the parents of the bride. It was set up so nicely. I absolutely loved this "Family Tree". The right side had pictures of the grooms grandparents, parents, and him. The same was done for the bride on the left side. Then, in the middle was a picture of the bride and groom. So nicely done!

Here are 2 of my nephews. They are waiting for the wedding to start.

Here comes the bride!

This is my aunt and uncle with their youngest boy. Clearly he wasn't too impressed with what was going on.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Garcia!!!

These cute custom made guitar picks were on the groom's table. My cousin loves music. It must run in the family.

This specially decorated guitar was placed between the bride and groom's tables. Their initials are on the black stripes.

Here is the groom's table. Chocolate cake with coconut, nuts, and tons of other yummy ingredients made by his mom (my aunt). The cookies had pictures of a guitar with a bird sitting on top. It was part of the wedding's theme.

Here is the wedding cake on the bride's table. The cake was also made by my aunt. One layer was lemon, another was orange, and the rest was white. Yummy!!!! She also made the flower cookies.

As if the cakes and cookies weren't enough, there was a candy buffet too! There were custom-made wooden signs everywhere. This sign said 'Love Is Sweet'.

Here is my goofy cousin and his beautiful new bride. I asked for a picture of the two of them and this is how he poses.

Here is the bride and groom with the groom's 2 brothers. Hard to believe I'm related to these giants! I didn't inherit any tall genes. They get the height from their dad.

Here is my aunt and uncle. My aunt Betty is my mom's sister. So many people say I look just like my aunt.

The bride's parents put in a giant concrete slab for a dance floor just for the wedding. Before the dancing began, the kids were allowed to draw all over it with sidewalk chalk. Smart, very smart!

Tables were placed all around the property. There was plenty of room. Here are my nieces and Kaitlyn enjoying their time together. The girl with the yellow flowers in her hair is my 1st cousin.

Here is Preston with my nephew. Willie is a year younger than Preston, but they are pretty much the same size. This is trouble!

We had a big dinner of barbecue chicken, pork steak, and sausage. There was also beans, potato salad (that my mom made), garden salad, bread, punch, tea, and various sodas and water.

Then it was time to cut the cake.

They were so nice to each other when feeding each other pieces of cake.

Then their first drink!

Meanwhile, the younger girls brought their Nintendo DS so they could chat with each other.

Finally, it was time for the First Dance. The bride changed into a more comfortable outfit and they danced to a song played and sang by the groom's brother.

Now it was time for the mother of the groom to dance with her son. They were both in tears.

Fun was had by all and we left just after 11 pm. We were all so exhausted by that time!

The next morning, my mom planned a big brunch for the family. Here's my brother making his special scrambled eggs.

Here is the spread with my sister and her girls. We had ham, hash brown casserole, eggs, yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, and angel biscuits. It was sooooo good!

That afternoon, it was time to head to my little cousin's 1st Birthday Party (I told you we had a lot planned). It was held at a park and my cousin rented the pavilion. Preston loved climbing on this train.

Here is another cake made by my aunt. The middle layer was chocolate and the other two layers are white cake. Again, it was delicious. She also made cookies that looked like longhorns, cactus, and the shape of Texas. The decorations on the bottom layer and the cowboy on top are also cookies.

This is the birthday boy, Toby. He is also the nephew of the groom.

We had grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks. Next, time to hit the pinata! Toby gets to try it first.

Preston whacked it pretty hard and put a hole in part of the boot.

After some hits from the other kids, the pinata finally broke open and it was a mad scramble for the candy.

It was a fun, exhausting weekend. We're glad we were able to experience it all before the end of the world actually happened.

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