Saturday, May 7, 2011

Youth Fine Arts

So, no pictures this time.

I was lucky enough to spend time at Southwestern Assemblies of God University during Youth Fine Arts. I was chosen to be a music evaluator. I was so excited for the experience.

I headed down to Waxahacie on Thursday evening with my friend (and Division Coordinator) to help get things ready. Friday, I handled room check-in during the Evaluator's Orientation. Then, I got my room. My DORM room!

I didn't do the dorm experience in college. I still lived with my parents while I went to UTEP. It was a very nice arrangement. Needless to say, I'm just not a "dorm" person. While I'm sure most college kids aren't huge fans of dorm life either, I'm just really glad I only had to be there for a few hours. I told my mom this was considered "camping out" for me.

Then, I got to be an evaluator for Female Vocal Solo, Sr. I got to listen to some great talent. I really enjoyed being able to listen to the high school girls sing and then provide some positive feedback and constructive criticism. I've been in their position and know how much it means to have someone help you through your musical journey.

Today, I got to do some odd jobs around campus. I helped in the Talley Room, I filled in for another evaluator. It was great to see all the behind-the-scenes things that go on to make such a big event happen.

And, I'm just amazed at how many people, how many positions, how many tasks it takes for Youth Fine Arts. Soooo much has to be done. There is also some great talent in our young people. God has given these kids great gifts and I truly hope they continue to serve the Lord this way.

I met some new people, got pampered as an evaluator, had some late dinners with friends, etc. I saw the Youth Group from my church off/on. My wonderful Children's Pastor and his wife kept checking on me throughout these few days and are always so supportive of everything I do.

This was also the first time to be away from kids for so long. I missed them lots and kept texting Craig over and over. But they had plenty to do to keep them busy.

So, until next year...

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