Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado Warning!!!

I knew the weather would be bad today. It was extremely hot and humid and we were supposed to get thunderstorms. That is perfect weather for a tornado.

I just got Kaitlyn in the shower about 7:30 pm. My friend commented on my Facebook (don't you love social media?) to turn on the TV and watch the weather because a storm was headed our way. I turned it on and holy guacamole it was coming soon!!! I looked outside and saw that it was still west of us. I was truly hoping it was just some heavy rain. The lights flickered and I got Kaitlyn quickly out of the shower.

We headed downstairs and I turned the weather on the TV again. Tornadoes spotted to the west of us! It was just me, the kids, and the two dogs. Where was Craig? Working in Denton where there was another tornado! I quickly texted him to take cover. Just then our sirens were going off and it started to hail. So, into the bathroom we go.

Luckily, our bathroom downstairs is in the middle of the house and does not have any external walls. I told the kids to get in the tub which immediately scared them. Kaitlyn started crying, Preston couldn't stop shaking, and one of our dogs kept barking. I had friends texting me to make sure I was okay, Craig called and said he was fine, but the kids were still scared. So, what do you do when you are scared? We prayed. That calmed us down. By the way, I never realized how uncomfortable bathtubs were unless there is warm water and bubbles in it.

We stayed in there for about 5-10 minutes. The wind was hard and the hail was loud. When it was quiet, I ventured out. No more sirens! I opened the front door and was amazed at what I saw. I had a Wizard of Oz moment (actually, I had a lot of those moments because that is the one movie I always think of when I hear of tornado weather!).

There was hail covering the lawn.

Here is one of the bigger sizes. God amazes me at what He can do!

Then, I looked up and saw this!

The majority of my neighbors were also outside, but that didn't stop my heart from going into palpitations.

This was so scary to see!

Then, to the west of us, there is some blue sky.

We are all safe. Tornadoes touched down all around, but we remained safe. The kids are now sound asleep and I really don't want to experience anything like that again!

Thank you so much to those that checked on us and said a prayer for us. God kept His protecting hand upon us tonight.

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