Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No More Preschoolers

There are no longer preschoolers in our home. Preston had his Pre-K Graduation yesterday and it was very bittersweet. I had knots in my stomach every time I thought about it. It's so hard for me to think of my baby boy as growing up and heading off to school. Wasn't he just born?

Preston attends the preschool where I teach music. I also plan all the programs (under the guidance of my director). So, I also had to plan the graduation and I knew it would be hard for me to get through without any tears.

I actually did well. I wrote a poem last year for the graduation that will now be used in every Pre-K Graduation. I cried so much last year when I read it for the parents and I didn't even have anyone graduating then! I knew this year would really be a struggle for me to get through, but I practiced a lot ahead of time. I did shed a few tears while reading it, but overall I maintained composure. The other parents, however, completely broke down. I would've been one of them if I didn't have to be in front of everyone. I would've totally gone into the ugly cry!

See that little blur on the left side of the picture? That's Preston hurrying down the aisle to "Pomp & Circumstance".

Here is the Pre-K Graduating Class of 2011!!!

First, the kids have to recite all 9 memory verses that they learned throughout the year. I teach it to them in sign language so it's easier to remember.

Then, they sing 2 songs while wearing star-shaped sunglasses.

Preston can officially go to Kindergarten since he got his Pre-K Diploma!!! That is his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Jill.

Here is the graduate with his sister. Kaitlyn was so excited that she got to get out of school early just for this event.

Even one set of grandparents were able to come.

Here is the whole family.

Afterwards, there was a nice reception with cupcakes and punch. Craig brought Preston a graduation balloon and a corsage box full of Hot Wheels (his absolutely favorite toy!).

The tables were set up very nicely. There were also a couple of memory book projects on the table that the kids had been working on all year. Each graduate received a Graduation Dog with all their signatures on it.

Then, when we got home, Preston's big graduation gift was waiting for him-a Cars Alarm Clock. We got a Disney Princess clock for Kaitlyn when she graduated. She uses it every single morning on school days. Now Preston has one he can use when he starts school. Craig also wanted to get a special treat for Preston so he bought a cake that were in Preston's favorite colors, orange and blue.

It was a very sweet ceremony and I'm so proud of Preston as he makes a new transition in his life.

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