Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday the 13th Isn't So Bad

Friday the 13th always gets a bad rap. If something goes wrong on that day, it must be because of the number. But wouldn't those bad things happen no matter what day of the month? This time, Friday, May 13 was a busy and fun day for us.

First, Kaitlyn was invited to attend the Party for the Purple People at her school. Now before you start thinking her school was invaded by little aliens, let me explain. The school librarian has a reading program that starts in September and goes through the end of March. There are 6 different colored reading lists to complete. Each list contains subjects, authors, etc. and you must read a book according to each item. When each list is completed, you can turn it in to get a charm. After all six lists are completed (the last list is purple), you get a reading shirt and are invited to attend the special party in May.

Kaitlyn absolutely loves to read so this was so easy for her. She participated last school year and again this school year. Although they have until the end of March to complete all the lists, she completed all of them by December both years. Like I said, she LOVES to read. She was the only one in her class this year to complete all the lists. The librarian said there were over 100 books each child must read to complete them all. It is quite an accomplishment!

So, the party is a way to reward students that put in the hard work and get them out of class for an hour. Parents are invited as well. This year magician/storyteller Brian Roberts was the guest. He put on a very engaging and fun show for the kids. He showed a few magic tricks and told some fun stories using a lot of visual aids. He definitely knew how to keep the kids attention.

He even brought a friend with him.

If you look very closely, you can see Kaitlyn sitting in the third row.

The kids were mesmerized!

Kaitlyn actually had a half day of school too. So, we picked her up, had pizza for lunch, and then naps. Well, I had a nap. Then it was off to Frisco to see the Rough Riders Baseball Game!!!

Our Children's Pastor, the wonderful John Cruz, organized a group outing for our church. We got discount tickets, a parking pass, and baseball caps. It was a great deal and we had fun.

The Rough Riders are warming up.

We're waiting for the game to start.

Preston was being silly for a lot of the game.

Every time music came on the loud speakers, Preston was "shaking his booty"!

There were other dancers as well. The staff at the ballpark came on the field and danced to Thriller.

Finally, the Rough Riders beat Corpus Christi 5-2 and we had a nice fireworks show.

We don't believe in bad luck. We believe in counting your blessings no matter the situation. God definitely blessed us and gave us a great Friday the 13th.

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