Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good-bye 1st Grade!!!

We have been so busy this past week with all the end of school year activities. I am so thankful that I was able to attend each event. Craig and I are really going to have to manage our time well next year when we have both kids in elementary school (YIKES!).

First, Kaitlyn had field day. It was a half day of non-stop activities and each class tried to get as many points as they could. Well, Kaitlyn's class wasn't really that competitive so they took their time on some of the games. However, they all had so much fun.

There was the Sponge Race: soak a sponge with water, run to the bucket, squeeze your water out, and try to get the bucket full.

Potato Sack Race-look at Kaitlyn go!

Tire Race

Basketball Toss: they had to throw the ball through a hula hoop

And so many more games! They also stopped for a water and snack break.

Then, there was the Wildcat Math ceremony. Wildcat Math is a 12-week extracurricular math program. Any student can participate by completing a worksheet, turn it in by the end of the week, and earn points. At the end of the year, all students that participated receive a goody bag. If 11 or 12 weeks are completed, they receive a shirt. If all 12 weeks are completed, they receive a medal at the ceremony. (On a side note, I've agreed to chair the committee to get this program implemented in the new school Preston and Kaitlyn will be attending next year. I'm sure I will have plenty to blog about when it is up and running)

Kaitlyn is going up to receive her medal.

The principal is offering her congratulations to Kaitlyn.

Her she is posing with her medal.

Finally, it was time for the End of Year party. I helped a little on the planning committee and making goody bags that was handed out to each 1st grader. Kaitlyn was ready to start the party.

Kaitlyn is at the shaving cream station. Another mom and I supervised this station and it was a hit! Notice Kaitlyn's fish tattoo on her arm?

Here is another tattoo she got on her other arm.

It was a very hot morning and Kaitlyn decided to take a break in the shade of the monkey bars.

Throughout the school year, I went in to Kaitlyn's class every Friday and read with the students. I enjoyed helping out, Kaitlyn loved having me there, and I got to know all her classmates and teacher pretty well. As a thank you gift, they all made me this frame. These are their thumbprints made to look like different animals. I really, really love this gift. Kaitlyn's thumb is the white bunny in the bottom right corner.

So, we say good-bye to another school year, good-bye to 1st grade, and good-bye to the elementary school where Kaitlyn attended for 2 years. We really enjoyed being at this school and won't forget the wonderful teachers and administrators that we met. We will miss some of our friends, but look forward to seeing some of the same ones next year and meeting new friends.

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