Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preston is the big 0-5!

I clearly remember June 18, 2006. It was a Sunday and it was Father's Day. At 1:36 am, Preston finally decided to make his entrance into this world (after 13 hours of labor and a round of pitocin!). He was almost 9 lbs and 20 inches long. No wonder I was so miserable towards the end of my pregnancy. Hard to believe that was 5 years ago!!!

Preston and Kaitlyn wanted a horse back riding birthday party. We told them they can have that, but it has to be a joint birthday party in the fall. The kids surprisingly agreed so we just had a very casual gathering for Preston's birthday with Granna and Granddad.

For dinner, Preston wanted his favorite brown chicken, which is really called Cranberry Chicken. I made that with a special green beans dish, white rice, and rolls. Yummy!

Everyone is ready to eat.

Preston opened gifts afterwards. Kaitlyn got him a pair of Batman sunglasses.

She also made him a card.

My parents got him his first big boy Bible. It's Veggie Tales and has his name inscribed on the outside. Preston loved it!

Then it was time to reveal the present from Mommy and Daddy, a Mongoose bicycle. Preston saw this bike at Target a long time ago. He wanted it because the picture on the box shows a boy doing flips and that's what Preston wants to do (oh no!).

He had to sit on it right away. Perfect size!

Craig's parents and grandparents knew we were getting Preston a bike. So his parents bought the knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. Craig's grandparents bought the helmet and a bell to go on his bike. Preston is ready to go!

It won't be long until Preston can take off the training wheels. He was doing great! If you look close enough, there is a black bar on the front wheel that is used for doing tricks. I'm sure he'll be figuring out someway to use it.

Finally, we headed inside for ice cream and cake. Preston has been saying for a year that he wanted a Lightning McQueen birthday cake. So, that's what he got.

What birthday wouldn't be complete without a rainbow? Preston said God put it there just for him.

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