Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Horse Is A Horse...

Kaitlyn LOVES horses. She especially loves riding them. So, we got a great deal on for a 1-hour horse back riding lesson for only $30 at Rising Star Ranch. We immediately jumped at the opportunity. Wednesday evening, Kaitlyn had her lesson.

As we came up to the stalls, there were several big, gorgeous horses, like this one.

Luckily, Kaitlyn got to ride a smaller, older horse named Grammy. First, she had to brush the horse.

After getting the helmet on, Kaitlyn walked Grammy out of the stalls over to the pen.

And she practiced walking Grammy around the pen to learn to guide the horse.

Finally, Kaitlyn got to get up in the saddle.

You could tell Kaitlyn was a little timid at first, even though she's ridden several horses before. The trainer, Jessica, decided to try an exercise to make Kaitlyn more comfortable. She made Kaitlyn go "Around The World" on the saddle. That means she had to sit sideways, then sit backwards, sit sideways again, and finally face forward while the horse was standing still. Kaitlyn did great and was actually riding backwards while the horse was walking. Towards the end of the lesson, Kaitlyn was able to do this exercise while the horse was walking.

Kaitlyn then learned how to guide the horse all by herself while riding. She was getting pretty good at it too. Finally, the trainer took them for a walk out into the pasture.

It was a great experience for Kaitlyn and she loved it. We will be looking into some more horsemanship classes. In fact, Kaitlyn and Preston are having a joint horse back riding birthday party in the fall. Who knows, we may be horse owners one day. We do live in Texas after all!

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