Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Program #4 and I'm Done!

Last night was the final Christmas Program that I was involved in. I teach music every other Monday at my friend's daycare. The kids are so sweet. I was asked to teach them a few songs to sing during their Christmas party. Of course, I was more than happy to do that.

Kaitlyn and I are all dressed up and ready to go. There were some older kids that go to the daycare when they don't have school. They decided on Monday to pick out a song they could all sing together. Well, Kaitlyn just happened to be with me when I stopped by the daycare and decided she wanted to participate too!

Unfortunately, the boys had to stay home since Preston still wasn't feeling well. Here's what they were doing before we left.

Kaitlyn happily joined in and sang "Jingle Bells" with the older kids.

The preschoolers sang 3 songs and did such a great job. I could tell their parents were so proud. After all the eating and singing was over, the kids had a book exchange. Each child had to bring a new book, wrapped up, for their age level. Kaitlyn got 3 Skippyjon Jones books. I love that book series. I got a book for Preston. He got "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Eric Carle. He is an amazing children's author.

Then, Santa came!!!! I knew he was going to make an appearance so I had to have a talk with Preston and Kaitlyn ahead of time. They are petrified of anyone dressed up in costume. We haven't been able to plan a trip to Disney because we knew they would be scared of all the characters. It's very ironic since I'm always talking to them about acting and pretending. They've seen me perform lots of times and have to dress differently than I usually do.

Obviously, Kaitlyn had no problem sitting on Santa's lap. It really surprised me. Santa had personalized pillowcases for all the kids. They loved them!

One of the daycare kids gave me this beautiful Christmas bouquet of flowers. I was completely surprised and touched.

It was a great night that my friends Mallori and Cindy put together. The families were so nice and I just love the kids. I'm sad Preston had to miss it, but he needed to get better for Christmas. I'm looking forward to next year.
And I'm done!!!!

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