Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

On Saturday, December 25th, Craig and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Yes, we got married on Christmas Day. We got married in El Paso at the church where we met. I really, really wanted a white Christmas, but living in El Paso, I knew that wouldn't happen. However, on Christmas Eve, the eve before our wedding, it snowed!!!! I took it as a sign from God blessing our marriage.

Our tale begins in 1992 when Craig and I started attending the same church in El Paso, Harvest Christian Center. His parents knew the senior pastor and helped start up the church. My family came a few months later when invited by a colleague of my dad's.

Over the next 4 years, Craig and I became friends, always attending youth and church functions. We became good friends, then best friends, and eventually in April 1996 we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Since I was so young when we first met, Craig saw me go through all my awkward adolescence, but still saw something special in me.

He proposed a week before my 18th birthday only after getting my parents permission. My parents only stipulation was that I had to complete a year of college first. Well, I completed a year and a half of college and then got married.

Again, I knew it was a sign from God that we got married at the appropriate time when Craig was transferred out of state with his job only three months after we got married. Craig moved to Socorro, NM in March while I finished my semester of school and another show I was performing in. I joined him in June, but Craig came home every week on his days off.

We moved again to Santa Fe, NM then back to El Paso, and finally to the D/FW area. This is what we call home. In fact, before we got married, we prayed about where we hoped God would take us. We either wanted to live in the D/FW area or San Diego (our favorite place ever and where we spent our honeymoon). We were very happy when God brought us here.

Throughout our 11 years, we have been on a never-ending roller coaster. We've endured deaths and births. Craig stood by my side through many, many medical procedures and life-threatening surgeries (worthy of another post someday). I've stood by his side through many job transfers and moves.

Now I sit here typing this post and count all the blessings that God has given Craig and I. We have two beautiful children that we didn't know we would be able to have after all my many medical issues. We live in our absolute dream home that had everything on our checklist. I am able to be a part-time stay-at-home-mom and when I do work, I get to share my passion of music with others.

We really could not want for anything else. God has completely blessed our lives, our family, our marriage. We knew our marriage had to be built on a solid foundation of God's Holy Word and that's what we've so proudly done.

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