Thursday, December 16, 2010

Go Kaitlyn, It's Your Birthday!

Kaitlyn celebrated the big 0-7 yesterday. We let the kids pretty much do what they want for their special day (within reason, of course).

The day started about 6:30 am with Kaitlyn running into our room saying "It's my birthday!!!" For breakfast, Craig made her homemade waffles. Then, we went to her school for lunch. At first, I was going to let her buy lunch since she usually takes her own. Then she said she wanted to buy a bean burrito from the cafeteria.

Okay, that's just GROSS!!!

So, Craig, Preston, and I went to Rosa's Cafe and got her a bean and cheese burrito kid's meal. I'm sure it was much tastier than one from the cafeteria! She certainly gobbled it up. She also took cupcakes to school to share with her class. I think everyone appreciated it, especially her teacher. ;) Over the morning announcements, they called out her name for her birthday and she got a special birthday pencil and certificate.

After school, we gave her a couple presents. Craig and I got a fashion kit she's been wanting. It has templates for her to trace onto fabric or paper. Then she can cut it out and embellish it with sequins, glitter glue, etc. Look for Kaitlyn Kelley Designs in a store near you! Preston picked out some scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby (in the clearance section for 6/$1) for her designs. Kaitlyn loved the gifts.

For dinner, Kaitlyn wanted Burger King only because there were Zhu Zhu Pets in the Kid's Meals. So, that's what we had. I know, it wasn't the healthiest meal, but it's her birthday. She can do what she wants. We were going to let her have a chocolate shake for dessert too, but Burger King was out of shakes (gasp!).

After dinner, we all headed to church. It just happened to be Impact Girls Achievement Ceremony night. Impact Girls is a program sponsored by our denomination, Assemblies of God. The girls earn badges throughout the different levels. It's a really big deal.
Last night, Kaitlyn earned 4 badges.
Finally after church, we all went to McDonald's and Kaitlyn finally got her chocolate shake. I think she had a great birthday and the day was all about her!

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