Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Craig

R. Craig Kelley (what the R stands for is not important) was born ?? years ago in Chandler, AZ. Through many God-ordained events, Craig came into my life when I was ony 12 years old in El Paso, TX. No, I didn't start dating him then, but we became good friends. He has gone through many things in his life, but has always maintained a very positive attitude. He never wants a big deal made about his birthday, but he needs to know how special he is.

Here is the birthday boy at 2 mos old. Isn't he cute?

Craig LOVES his family and works so hard to provide for us. As long as we've been married (almost 11 yrs), he has always worked 50+ hours a week. After work, he wants to spend every moment with his family. Kaitlyn and Preston absolutely adore him too!

This was a few years ago on Thanksgiving. Preston and Kaitlyn had terrible ear infections. Craig is cuddling with two sick kiddos.

Craig is still a big kid at heart. He loves video games and really gets into them. This picture was taken this past Thanksgiving. He was dancing to "Womanizer" on the Wii with his niece.

Craig has always been 100% supportive of every thing I do. I wanted a big 80's themed party for my 30th birthday. On his own accord, Craig let his hair grow out and picked out the outfit he wanted. He was a hit at the party. What a good sport!

We are a close, loving, supportive family with an awesome man of God as the head of the household. Happy Birthday Craig! We love you and look forward to so many more fun times to come. Thank you for all you do and sacrifice for our family!!!

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  1. Happy B-day Craig! Glad you are in the family so i could have a cousin my age! ANd just for old times sake, "Craig Kelley, bowl full of jelly"


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